Review: Unusual Business ideas that Work

Unusual Business Ideas that Work. That’s the name of the blog that is reviewed today on BlogReviewBlog, and it describes the thing very well. Dmitry, the author of the webpage, writes posts about business ideas that are unusual, but work. This guarantees some very fine reading, especially for entrepreneurs that are looking for some out of the box thinking to refresh their own ideas.
The content is the main attractor here, since design is lacking and navigation isn’t as wonderful as it should be. Still, this page is worth a visit, and is rewarded with 66 Bricks. This is enough to build a Triumphal Arch for Unusual Business Ideas that Work :-)Looks and functionality (9 Bricks)
The Unusual Business Ideas that Work website has a very standard Google Blogger design. This in itself is not a bad thing, but Dmitry could make it all look a bit more interesting by adding some graphical elements. The navigation through all the articles is done using the “Previous post” function in the sidebar, which works because the posts have nice descriptive names. The site also offers an archive list in the sidebar, which is really, really long, which doesn’t seem to make sense. What I do like about the design is that the ad section is kept very small, with no blocks of ads in the sidebar, and only some subtle text link ads at the top of the page and under the posts. I heard someone say that you can make more profit by having less ads. If it is true, it might work for Unusual Business Ideas that Work. I should even consider it for my own BlogReviewBlog as well :-).
By the way, the topic of the site is clear, since the title says it all.

Content (48 Bricks)
Now comes the good part. The content of the Unusual Business ideas that Work website is actually quite nice. The page is filled with attractively written articles on people who set up some interesting kind of business. These businesses are quite divers, and range from profiting form singles to making millions from accidental inventions. The unusual business ideas cover many areas, and are really inspirational for anyone thinking about setting up some kind of business for him/herself. It is not clear if Dmitry is telling about stories he read on thee news, or that he is himself researching these businesses and then writes about them. Still, the content is highly original. And how could it not be original if you can write an unusual business report about a website that organizes parties for pets?
The entries are all about unusual business ideas that work, so the consistency is high, and the Unusual Business Ideas that Work page is updated frequently, almost daily.
Extras (8 Bricks)
The Unusual Business Ideas that Work webpage does not offer many extra functions. Visitors are asked to send in their own unusual business ideas, which is nice. What I also like, is that Dmitry provides links to all the online businesses about which he writes, and that he urges the visitors to do further research for themselves, so they can see the ideas really work.


Rachael said...

I also come across that blog recently and I think, the ideas of the author really works. And I do love his blog because you can be able to catch interesting and great ideas. I hope that he can be able to update his blog more often to keep us updated about his other unusual business ideas.


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