Review: One Day at a Time

One day at a time. That’s the way this blog is written, by Lynda, the nice girl from Los Angeles that authors this webspace. She keeps an online diary filled with things she is doing and thinking about, such as religion, art, photography, writing and reflections. Besides that, this place is also where she shows her photography to the world, and fine photography it is (so check it out :-)
The site looks attractive, and the majority of the posts are interesting to read. Although this page is not highly specialized on a topic, and will thus not attract a specific group of visitors, it is nice to take a look at.
I reward it therefore with 67 Bricks, which is enough to build it a Triumphal Arch :-)
Looks and functionality (12 Bricks max)
What I first noticed, is that the sidebar is loading quite slow. I think the Twitter application is taking way too long to load, but it may be something else as well. Now I have to wait for the navigation options for a long time, which is a pity. It would be better to place the navigation options of the page at the top of the sidebar, so even visitors with a slow connection can use the site.
The blog has nice looks, especially the banner with the beautiful eyes of (presumably) the author herself, a cool photo. The site is filled throughout with quality photography as well. Making photos is clearly one the authors things.
Navigation could be better, since the topic list needs to get folded out by one click extra, and extra clicks are never nice.
The page has many topics, but this is not hidden, and for the design part it is okay.
What I liked is that every post is accompanied with a picture, and every post starts with introducing the photo. The overall design of the One day at a Time blog is nice and attractive.

Content (45 Bricks)
This website is a professional personal blog, which is not centered around a specific theme or product, but around a person. Thus, the whole collection has many different topics, ranging from photography to religion to internet technology. But because this is the idea behind it all, there is consistency in the page.
All of the content is written skillfully and originally, and it is a pleasure to read it, and to look at the photography. This photography content is also really great, many good close-ups of flowers and the like, good work.
The blog is updated frequently, about once daily, and, as said, all these posts are accompanied by nice photos, which make returning to this page more attractive.

Extras (9 Bricks)
The webpage has a couple of nice features, such as the message screen in the side bar, and an icon that displays the mood of the author, which is quite funny. Another nice extra is the recipe section, in which you can read about Lynda’s Black Bean Burritos.

Visit all this and much more at One Day At A Time

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