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Pretty please with sugar on top :-)

So you have a blog, and you want it to be reviewed? well, that's what Blog Review Blog is for.

Nope. That's right, no restrictions, no small print, no obligations.
Okay, I won't do any adult content blogs.
But if you just started your blog, and would like to know what could be better, feel free to leave a request.You do not need to place html code on your blog, you do not have to pay for anything, you only have to ask me to take a look at your blog, and when I am not completely going crazy with (other) work, I will review it.

Although I do not request any payment in return, I want BlogReviewBlog to grow as popular as can be. Therefore, I ask you to place a link on your blog to my blog (or to your review on my bog when it is finished) in this way, you can also show off your review to your visitors.

Besides, my site will grow more popular when you link to it; this will generate more visitors to your blog as well, because there will be a backlink in your review.
So place a link to and be sure to leave a message here if you did. Besides, Digg this blog, and add it it to your Technorati favorites, so you can easyly check if your review is already finished. Please be sure also to check the Free Lunch post.

If you want to be reviewed, leave a message under this post, stating your name and the address of your blog (in plain text). That's it, then you're done.


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate any advice you had on improving my blog.


The Scrapper said...

I've been putting in a lot of work on this. I'm interested to see what you think. Thanks!

tech expert said...

please review my blog, thanks,

Ross Gordon said...

cool site! I would really appreciate a review of you can contact me through the site. Thanks for the cool service!

I also have a "free stuff" site that i am updating. When i move it to WP (in the next few weeks) i will post you on there as a great freebie. thanks!

Jay said...

Nice offer! I'd appreciate a review of, with the anchor text "make money online". I'll link back here in the next batch of review links I do.


From The Goddess of Football Herself! said...

The Goddess of Football decides who wins and who loses. Have you ever wondered why David Beckham is so successful? He's the Goddess's favourite on Earth, that's why!

Dan said...


I would appreciate it if you could review my blog Free Sports Picks - Sports Betting

Thanks a lot! said...



Could you review it please?

Also (if you ever have time) could you review and if you review websites ever please review

Obviously, I'd put your links on all.

Best regards


Lynda Walldez said...

Name: Lynda Walldez
Link Location: Link Exchange Blogroll within Blogrolls section at the bottom of my sidebar.

Fucc said...

name: fucc
Site: Web 2.0 Directory (and more)
Your Link: Friend's Section, right sidebar

thanks, fucc

alexius said...

Hi man. You doing good work.
Can you review my blog:
Thank's! Not for my review, just because!

Randy B. Birch said...

I may be sorry I asked, but I would appreciate a review of my blog @

Partnership said...

Please review my blog. I update it regularly and would appreciate your opinions. Thanks

I've also added your link to my blog

Breathe said...

I'd appreciate if you review my blog and any advice you offer would be great!

Thanks alot!

Hathery said...

If you review my blog, I'd be happy to review yours. My blog is very new.

Lady said...

Would love it if you review my blog, thanks :)
Cairo My Love

TimToTango said...

hey Alexius, Randy, Partnership, Breathe, hathery and Lady,

I realise I have build up quite a backlog of rewies i have to write.

At the moment, I am quite bussy with many things, but do not fear, your Review Will Be Written :-)

I hope you wont mind if I keep them a bit on the short side..

Keep up the good work,


Stratocat said...

Let me have it!!


byoungjoon said...

Can you review my site, just started ^^, and would really appreciate pointers my blogsite is

Ross Gordon said...

Hey Tim!
Got another blog for you to review (you already reviewd my guitar blog, which was a great review. thanks!)It's called free stuff finder and its at
I already posted a link to you earlier as one of my freebies:
let me know if you have any bandwidth to review this blog. i know it's not as great as my main blog, but what can ya do.....

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I would higly appreciate it it you review my blog.

It is a site that helps Filipinos and other nationaliites earn from the internet through Agloco.


Iliana said...

Hi there!
I have a blog about movies, here it is: It is very new, almost one month now, and I would really appreciate if you write a review about it.
I have already added your blog to my blogroll (and I digg it also, not only because you ask, but also because I really like your idea)
Thank you in advance

Ron said...

I would really appreciate a review of my blog concept:

The idea: everybody is allowed to post and backlink to his own site.

Class Act said...

Hey, I would be interested in your thoughts:

Blog: Between the Lines

Our stated goal is as follows:
"First, to expose bad sports commentary in all its forms, for the mindless, poorly written and uttered drivel it is; Second, to go all Teddy Roosevelt on the monopoly that uninformed "experts," dim-witted ex-players, and platitude-spouting hacks exercise over sports journalism."

Thanks in advance for your time, and I've added your link to our blogroll.

Gaby said...
It's a fun chronicle. I'm too close to it to be analytical. It's meant to be fun, It's ALL TRUE!opinion please?

Gaby said...

to have my blog reviewed by a stranger would be good in itself, I'm too close to the project. It's meant to entertain , albeit, it's ALL TRUE!!!

lemonade said...

I'd love it if you could review my blogs :)

Personal Blog -
Design Blog -

The Mind said...

Hey if you would please review my blog and help me with viewers it would be really appreciated. I added your site to my links list. Thanks,
The Mind at

liusia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mariam said...

I would like so much to be reviewed on your website, I'm waiting for your comments and will appreciate your advice.

Thank You,

sonic17 said...

I'd really appreciate it if you could review my blog and give me tips on how to make it better.


Wendy's OBA Blog Tips Tricks said...

Not at all sure if you are still doing this or not but I could sure use a critical review of my blog.

Already added you to my blogRoll

Mike Raciti said...

For reviews of my blog, I have created a "Critics Corner" page to link to critics who have reviewed me once the review is done. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's a blog about contemporary Russian life.


bodda said...

blog review blog, thats a nice concept. in fact i was thinking something like this would be helpful for bloggers to improve their blog.

would love to get my blog reviewed. its just a average blog about everyday issues in an average guys life.

btw, do you know where i can get literary reviews and tips/suggestions of my writing style and skill?

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Hi dear..!
I wish that u review my blog.
It shall be pleasure to read your view and suggestion on my blog
"Humming Today"

Celebrate Life..

Anonymous said...

Helooooow (^_-)
Would you please review my blog?
i'd love to see your opinion about everything inside my blog-site

,.-*'oo'*-.,_Chronicles of Trisna_,.-*'oo'*-.,

Wil wait for the news...
Thanks in advance.

Arthur Cundy said...

Please view the following blogs:

Thank you for your consideration.

Dave Newell said...

Hi there!

I've put in a link to your blog. I'm requesting a review for my blog,

I write stories very frequently about famous historical figures and events...but I mess up the details to make history hilarious.

Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Pretty Please Review My Blog :D :P

Its sorta new, so i would really appreciate your advice on how to make it better

Lenin said...

Hi would you please review my blog:
Creative Writing blog

It's about creative writing. In a short span, it became very popular. I will post a special link to your review, once it is done. That link will fetch you a lot of traffic and will let people know that your blog reviews other blogs out there.

If you posted the review, let me know through the contact form at CuteWriting.

Lenin Nair

Lil' Migs said...

Yo Yo Yo,

I would love to get a blog review from your site. My comedy blog,, gets more than 3,000 views a month, and viewers spend an average of 3 minutes on my site, so they are substantial visits. I would give you a link in my "Critic's Corner" section, which gets a few hundred hits a month itself, even though there is only one review there right now. My readership has been growing (I now have more than 100 subscribed readers), and I am getting ready to release a CD that I have already notched lots of mainstream press for, so I'm expecting big traffic to hit my blog within the next year. If you review my blog, that would be greatly appreciated and I would certainly give you a spotlight quote in the "Critic's Corner" section and link to your website.

Thanks very much,
Lil' Migs

Meg said...

Here's my blog for when you have time!

RunningWolf said...

Okay. My blog is located at

Running Wolf's Rant

Please review me :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Please review my blog. Once you have and I have received your review, I will be more than happy to put your link there.

Vanessa said...

Hi! Please review my design blog:


QuarK said...

Hi Tim!
I was just thinking about launching a blog on similar lines before I stumbled upon yours.
I would request you to please give my blog a review :
And surely I would add a link to your site.

Sunny Haralson said...
thanks so much!

BP! said...

Please and thank you!

BP! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Anonymous said...

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Agaponzie said...

Not sure if you are still doing this, but if you are, I'd appreciate a review!

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Let the world know what you think, but please do so responsibly.