Free Lunch

T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L. ,or, in normal English,

There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

This particle of common knowledge from the economic world is generally used to illustrate that nothing happens for free (except, as some might argue, sunrise).

On the internet, many services are offered for free (including this Blog Review Blog). In practice, it costs a lot of work to create these services and keep them running and up to date. Doing research and writing a review is quite a bit of work, but still it costs you nothing (and is, as such, for ‘free’).

However, according to the TANSTAAFL theory, I shouldn’t be doing this. Doing something for free is just not the reality of this world.

I totally agree with this, and for this reason, I ask the reviewed blogs to place a link in their blog to their review or to my website. This is important for me, because I want this blog to become more popular in a short time. This is necessary to attract blog owners who want to be reviewed, but also to generate some income through the site-sponsors.

Therefore, if you want to be reviewed, from now on, you will have to let me know where I can find the link on your blog leading to the Blog Review Blog homepage. After your review is finished, you can change the link, so that it will lead to your review instead of to my homepage. The link does not have to be in a posting, it can also be in your sidebar, but it should be on your blog somewhere.

Thanks for your understanding,


Andy said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for visiting my blog, your link was up but I'm thinking of a better linkback from my blog to your site. I'll work on that.

Thanks once again for reviewing my blog.

Red's Fury™

Pardeep said...

Hi, I'm new to this. How do I create a backlink? And how do I put your link into my blog?

TimToTango said...

Hey pardeep!

Well, creating a backlink is fairly easy.
If you have for example a blogger blog, you can logg into your blog accaunt and go to personalize. There you can choose to add a link list, in which you can put a link to a page, like this:

You can also have a look at a website from someone who can explain it much better than I can:
Tutorial HTML link making. The HTML they explain is really easy, and you can put it in a post on your blog, or in your sidebar.

Good luck,

BTW, what is your blog?

Anonymous said...

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