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This blog, authored by John Chow, is about technology, cars, and, surprisingly, ‘Fine Dining’. But, let’s face it, it is mainly about making money online. Not only for the author of the blog, but also for its visitors. Mr. Chow’s blog attracts most of its visitors because it offers inside information on how to optimize your website, which ad programs are out there, and what other ways exist to earn an income online.

Although the website does not have stunning looks, the content of the site certainly is very useful for an awful lot of people, which make this blog one of the more popular around. In total, this blog receives 70 Bricks from me. With this, it falls into the category for a Triumphal Arch :-)
Looks and functionality (10 Bricks)
The blog does not have a stunning design. Actually, it does not look very good at all. It becomes clear right away that the popularity of this blog has to do with its content, not with its graphic outlook. The blog’s header, with two expensive looking cars facing each other, and the very standard blog design with a main bar and a side bar do not attract visitors to the site.
The navigation of the blog is okay, things are easy to find, although it involves a lot of scrolling down to find them in the side bar.
It is, at first glance, not all to clear what the blog is about. There many topics, which are unrelated with each other. Furthermore, the blog starts with the newest post, but many categories are explained in the oldest one, which is many clicks away. For example the item on AGLOCO is seriously missing an introduction text in the side bar. I had to click my way to the oldest post, and still it took some time to discover that these posts are about some pay-to-surf program.

Content (51 Bricks)
This blog is not popular for nothing. It is clear that the blog’s design is not the factor attracting visitors; the content is. On the world wide web, there are many sites offering information on Online money making, but Mr. Chows blog is a bit different, because it is very up-to-date, and offers valuable inside information. Furtermore, Mr. Chow also shows that he is a master in his trade, because his blog ends up high in many google rankings, and surfers looking for online marketing information invariably en up at his blog.
The texts are written superbly, and succeed in catching your attention. While surfing this blog, there are many entries that I wanted (and in fact did) read.
The consistency of the totality of content in the blog is not very high, because of the multitude of unrelated topics. However, within one category, everything seems to fit together.

Mr. Chow updates his blog daily, often even twice a day. He produces a lot of content, and keeps his readers busy, which is always a good thing to do.

Extras (8 Bricks)
The John Chow blog offers a couple of nice services, such as an overview of online add programs to make money with, RSS feeds (with currently almost 5000 readers, quite impressive), and some nice community-type features, which increase the user interaction.

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