So how does this rating work?

The rating is build up out of three segments. For each segment you get a number of Bricks (you know, this stuff of which people make houses). The final rank mark will be the total number of Bricks of the three segments. The maximum number of Bricks is 100.
The minimum is 1 Brick, which you get for being so wise to request a review by BlogReviewBlog.

For what do you get Bricks?

Design and functionality (20 Bricks max):
• Does the blog look good?
• Is the blog easy to navigate?
• Is it clear what the blog is about?

Content (60 Bricks max):
• Is the content original?
• Is the text of good quality?
• Are the posts consistent?
• Is the blog updated frequently?

Extras (19 Bricks max):
• Does the blog offer nice interaction functions?
• Does the blog offer some other useful or nice function?

What do the Bricks count for?

1 Brick is for a blog so bad it hurts my eyes even to look at it. 1 Brick builds you nothing, you can take it and throw it at your PC if you’d like.25 Bricks is for a weak blog that has many points that can be improved. 25 Bricks is not a lot, but it is sufficient to build a small statue to commemorate your blog. Although small and slightly insignificant, you can use it as a virtual paper holder, to remind yourself to work on your blog.
50 Bricks is for an average blog. Not astonishingly good, but not awfully bad either. 50 Bricks is enough to build you a fairly sized Memorial Obelisk, virtually and invisibly engraved with the name of your blog and my sincere congratulations.
65 Bricks is for above average blogs, which combine good content with nice design, and even offer some nice extras. With 65 Bricks, you have enough to build a Triumphal Arch for your blog, to be placed on a virtual location of your choice.
80 Bricks is for exceptionally good blogs, which does most things right. Although most blog can be improved in some way, blogs in this category are almost perfect. 80 Bricks builds you a Pyramid, always nice for your backyard. Additionally you get the right to brag against everyone in your surrounding about your blog, unlimited for 180 days.
100 bricks is for the super mega best website ever created on the face of the earth. Consequently, it will not happen often that a blog gets 100 Bricks. Your blog should leave me flabbergasted after my visit to your web. If I have not slept for 4 days because I was hooked to your blog, you will be in this category. In the unlikely occasion that you get 100 Bricks, you can build yourself a Mythical Palace, and call yourself the official Blog Review Blog Lord (crown not included).
Want Bricks? Request a Review from Blog Review Blog


Andy said...

How many bricks do i got?

TimToTango said...


I'll put your blog in line for a review.
Be sure to check back soon (give me a bit of time though),you can use the digg button to ad this blog to your favorites.
there are 2 blogs before you to be reviewd (so you will be #3 ever reviewed on this blog)

Other users: please use the 'Review Me' post for review requests

Andy said...

Thanks Tim!

Sorry for posting in the wrong section.

Phil said...

I like this idea. Since I am a first time blogger with about zero experience it could be very helpful. All I have to do is get over the irrational fear that I will get one brick publically thrown at me. :)

J/K, I might just take you up on it after I read a few reviews and compare them to my site. No sense asking for a beating eh? :)