Review: Portabellum Gadgets

Portabelum is a blog that writes about new portable gadgets. The nice thing is that not only things like iPods and stuff are covered, but also the more obscure gadgets. The day I write this BlogReviewBlog review, Portabelum writes about a clock in the shape of a bomb. Quite nice stuff.

The Portabelum site doesn’t have a lot of textual content, which is a pitty, but the entries are original and the page looks good. Therefore, I give Portabelum 70 Bricks, which builds it a Triumphal Arch :-)

Looks and functionality (14 Bricks)
Navigation on this portable gadgets page is easily done through the categories in the sidebar, which works quite nicely. The site is build with a lot of space for more gadget reviews, because the category names are all plural, but when I go to, for example, toothbrushes, there is only one toothbrush to be found (probably still a lot more than an other gadget blogs).
The Portabelum website looks okay, it is clean and easy on the eyes, with many large pictures of beautiful gadgets.
The topic of the website is clear from the beginning, with a title that reads Portable Gadgets or Portabelum.

Content (51 Bricks)
The content of this gadgets blog is quite original and well written. All the posts have a link to a website with more product information, and the author gives his opinion about all the gadgets he writes about. Although he is a bit over-enthusiastic about some gadgets, it is an interesting page to read.
The gadgets page covers many different types of gadgets, but there are relatively few off-topic posts, which gives the site a nice focus. No strange entries about this man’s cats or kite-surfing hobby. (I consider that a good point!).
I am a bit confused about the “ signs that are used in many pots, because it makes me unsure if the author wrote this himself or that it’s a copy.
The blog is updated frequently, about once or twice a day.

Extras (4 Bricks)
Except for the possibility to subscribe to RSS feed (which is not highly original :-), portabelum does not offer extras about gadgets.

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