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Jakel Daily is a blog about making money online. It covers topics like Ad programs, Affiliate programs, etc, but also slightly more off topic posts about cars and videos. The design is very functional, which I like, and to posts are written well. If you are interested in learning more about making money with your blog or website, this is a nice place to start. He also asks other to review his blog. In total, this blog about making money online earns 68 Bricks, for which it can build a (virtual) Triumphal Arch :-)

Looks and functionality (10 Bricks)
The blog has a nice design, which is very clean and clear. The topic of the website is also obvious right away: Jakel Daily is about making money online. The sidebar offers the visitors a very easy way to navigate, all the topics can be found there.
What struck me when I first visited the site, is that its design is very similar to that of another good online money making website, that of John Chow. I guess that this design has proven its worth, so it is okay to use it. But the Jakel Daily page also has cars in its banner, which is a bit cheesy to copy.

Content (45 Bricks)
There are many websites on the web about making money online, but they all have something different to offer. Jakel Daily focuses on generating traffic and using ad programs and affiliate programs to make some money out of it. It offers nicely written content about how to do this, and most of the posts are original.
It is, once again, a bit weird to have posts about cars and family on a blog about making money. This takes away a bit of the specialized focus that such a money making website should have.
What I do like is that Jason and Kelly, the authors of this page, wrote a bit about themselves, which gives the site a more personal feel.
Also, the site is updated regularly, even daily or more often, which is always a good thing.

Extras (12 Bricks max)
The page has quite some nice extras. There is the possibility to become a member of the community, which is a nice way to interact with the visitors. Also, the Jakel Daily page offers companies the possibility to place ads on the site (another good way for the blog to make money). And last but not least, the webpage has a blog about websites and other useful information people want to share.

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