Review: The Breathe Enterprise

The Breathe Enterprise has nothing to do with something so mundane a company or an enterpirse. This is the place of an artist, full of creativity! Breathe writes texts so beautiful that it doesn’t matter that the blog doesn’t look very interesting. It are the inspirational texts for which visitors will return to this page over and over again.
Regardless of its obvious flaws, this blog receives 69 Brick from me, for which it receives a Triumphal Arch, which are running into short supplies at my end Blog Review Blog :-)
Looks and functionality (6 Bricks)
This is a simple blog, with posts that can be accessed through the sidebar or just by scrolling down, which works clear and simple.
The design of The Breate Enterprise is also rather simple, and a lot less creative than the content. I don’t know what this blogger template is called, but I have seen it millions of times before. I do not want to claim that Blog Review Blog looks any better, far from it. But it is really easy to choose a different template, and I think a more ‘quiet’ design could really help.
The content of this blog doesn’t become clear right away, but that’s okay, because it fits with the topic and the content.

Content (58 Bricks)
Of the websites I have visited, this is one of the better when it comes to creative content. The texts are written by someone who knows how to write. The posts read more like short-stories than like blog-posts and this is really a delight to read. I so agree with the part about dreams, and the way creativity and imagination seems to escape you when you grow older! Reading the entries on this creative blog might even be a good remedy against this effect.
Needless to say, the content of this blog is highly original and very creative. Breathe writes these beautiful texts him self, and they are about original things, not about something that thousands of other bloggers write about (like doing boring and unimaginative reviews, like me).
I can imagine that such spurts of creativity that are needed to write such essays does not come every ten minutes, so it is not surprising that this blog is only updated every other day or so. Still I hope we can expect a lot more creativity from Breathe in the future.

Extras (4 Bricks)
This webpage bursts with creativity and originality, but not with any extras. Maybe it could be nice to offer other people a possibility to send in their creative short stories?

Visit this rich source of creativity at Breathe Enterprise


Breathe said...

Thank you so much for the really nice review!

I'm gonna start working more on the weaker aspects you mentioned and lets see how it's going to change.

I placed a link to this wonderful place on my website!

Abhishek Krishnan said...

Hi, your blog seems to be really nice!! Are you interested in exchanging links? My blog is at and it’s about the latest gadgets and the technology used. Do let me know if you are interested. I too will put up a link to your blog on mine. Thanks.