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Okay, high time for another Blog Review Blog!

Today I will look at sometime quite special again, a blog about a construction lawyer. About a what? A construction lawyer, that’s right.
The author of this page, Randy Birch, writes about practical tips and conclusions on legal cases that have something to do with construction law in Utah, the United States.
His website offers some very interesting topics for if you have construction related legal problems. Randy shows his visitors that he is an expert on the topic. The page does not look very interesting, but the content is once again King. This page could use some personal touches, and the articles could be written a bit more lively (yes, I know this site is about a juridical topic). I reward it with 57 Bricks, which builds it a virtual memorial Obelisk, which comes with a complementary base-stone for digital stability :-)

Looks and functionality (8 Bricks)
The Construction lawyer blog does not have a very special design, this is clearly not where Mr. Birch’s expertise can be found. On the other hand, this design does work, it is clear and the posts can be found easily through the sidebar. I like the quiet blue design of the page, it gives a professional outlook. Maybe it would be nice to design some sort of logo for the page. I am thinking about a balance with a shovel on the one hand and a house on the other hand, as an on topic theme. But any illustration having to do something with the topic of construction lawyer would be fine.

Content (45 Bricks) As with many specialized blogs, the content is where the whole Construction Lawyer thing comes together. This page is clearly authored by an expert who knows what he is talking about. I never had any construction law related problem, let alone in Utah, but if I would have, this would be one of the sites I would want to visit. The posts are written well and offer useful information.
Something that might be interesting as an improvement might be to add some personal touch to some of the posts. Now the entries are very factual, and only about construction law itself. It might be interesting to read a few more articles about Randy’s views on his business.
The blog is updated with a certain regularity, but not very frequent, about once evry one or two weeks. The entries, however, are quite in-depth, and for people interested in construction law this is a good place to go to.

Extras (3 Bricks)
The Construction Lawyer page by Randy Birch does not offer any extras, except for a nice personal biography about his career and other occupations.

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rhangren said...

Thanks for the link to the Construction Lawyer Blog. He really is an expert and knows what he is talking about. If you would like more information you can check out the Woodlands Construction Defect Lawyer.