Review: The Goddess of Football

The Goddess of Football.

With such a title, you’re already high on the originality list. This blog, surprisingly, has original content as well. The author (naming herself goddess), offers advice to Sad Mortal Men, or at least the part interested in wining football games. A fond sponsor of Mr. Beckham (Becks), the goddess urges other men who want to be like him to shower twice a day, and they will be blessed. Well, what can I say. I am an instant follower of The Goddess of Football. And, since I am writing this review, from now on I hope to be allowed to call myself Adviser of the Goddess as well :-).
Because the writings of the goddess are still the stage of genesis (let’s say that the football bible is still in the writing), and the design is too general, the number of Bricks comes to 58, for which the Goddess can build a memorial Obelisk on Mount Olympus :-)

We can expect more from the Goddess in the future!

Looks and functionality (7 Bricks)
The Goddess of Football might have strong divine powers, but she is not heavily blessed with them when it comes to website design. The blog lacks graphic material, and could be a touch more goddess like, maybe with some nice quotations out of the football bible.
Furthermore, I understand that even goddesses have to generate an income, but she is kindly advised to change the colors of the AdSense ads, so that they might blend in more with the design of the rest.
Navigation is okay, simple but effective. The archive functions looks really complicated for just the two entries that are currently present, but maybe it wise to keep it like this to accommodate future revelations.

Content (50 Bricks)
The goddess is endowed with a very nice to read an authoritative writing stile. Although I personally do not have a strong interest in football, I read this page with lots of curiosity. I will give one quote now, which I liked:

I am the only true Goddess of Football. Follow me and you will be rewarded with football glory.

The originality of The Goddess of Football is very high, I haven’t seen something this creative before, very nice. The posts are consistent as well, which is a small feat with just to posts, but still.
A minor negative point is that the site only has two entries. This is probably caused by the fact that the webpage is just a week old. So I am curious how it will develop in the future.
Be sure to check out the readings from Bro. Vegas, the second prophet (after David Beckham), who has good advice for humble mortals

Extras (0 Bricks)
Besides the free advise The Goddess of Football her visitors, there are no extra’s offered. Probably in the future there will be more. Maybe some nice blessing-request-service for nervous Football teams?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't believe in The Goddess of Football last season and suffered the consequences. Not only was my team relegated, it also had points deducted!

At the end of last season, Alex F, a mutual aquaintance took pity on me and told me about I had mothing to lose - so I became a follower and danced naked afront HER shrine. Since the start of this season I haven't lost a game since!

I'm just saying, don't knock it before you've tried it.

Glory be to The Goddess Of Football!

All Praise HER!

Yours truly

D Wise, Leeds

Wilma Proops said...

Yes, readers, the Goddess of Football is a personal friend of mine. I got tired of telling Sad Mortal Men about Her and linked he to my blog - which is the ONLY Comedy Problem Page in the World!

Keep working Your magic Goddess

Your follower and friend

Wilma Proops

D Beckham said...

I am the Goddess of Football's favourite on Earth.

She's done nothing but good for me

D Beckham
Los Angeles, USA

Anonymous said...

My friend supports Villa. He told me he was going to dance naked in front of the shrine to The Goddess of Football before Villa went to Saint Andrews to play Biremingham City. She told him if he danced again on the morning of the match she would ensure that the ex Villa player (now playing for the Blues)would score an own-goal. He did his extra dance and sure enough, the predicted goal happened! You need to check this out!!!!!!!!!!