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And today for something completely different: a blog on sports betting. Considered illegal in many places, this type of gambling is played by many people over the internet, where this kind of thing is a bit harder to regulate. Many online gambling and betting websites are located in locations with less strict rules, such as Jamaica and Costa Rica.
Anyway, the site that is looked into today at BlogReviewBlog is a collection of the bets placed by the author of thee page, who is an active gambler. He publishes the bets he placed, and the wins/losses he made.
Although the site does not look stunning, and some introductory information could be added, the topic of the website, online sports betting, is quite interesting, and it is nice to be able to look into the outcomes of the author’s bets.
In total the Free Sports Picks receives 66 Brick, enough for the Triumphal Arch :-)
Looks and functionality (11 Bricks)
Navigation on this betting blog is simple, and the whole structure of the site is easy to understand. It would be good to be able to reach the oldest posts in an easier way, because the archive structure is done in months. Since the blog is updated very often, this means a lot of clicking.
The design is simple but effective, with a bundle of bank notes as a suggestive introduction into the topic.

Content (46 Bricks)
The topic of the webpage is quite original. This is professional better who decided to keep track of his bets on a blog, and give the world the opportunity to see what he bets on, and if it was a smart gamble or not. He writes everything himself, and uses a short and clear style of writing
There are, though, a couple of improvement points I would like to suggest. First of all, it would be good to ad an introductory post, where the author explains what sports betting is, on which types of games he usually bets, which online betting sites exist, and thing like that.
Furthermore, the idea of keeping track of the wins/losses in the betting is an interesting part, which could be better used if the blog would have a counter or some kind of simple graph in which the wins/losses history of the last month can be seen. This may be a bit of work, but would make the sports betting blog much more interesting.
As I have said before, I am fond of sites that are somehow consistent. This sports betting site has quite a good consistency, but I do not really like the couple of entries that are completely off topic, because they break the red line.
The blog is updated frequently, every time the author has made a sports bet, he relates the outcome online.

Extras (8 Bricks max)
Except for some links to online sports betting websites, the Free Sports Picks website does not offer special features or extras. My suggestion: a completely non-guaranteed prediction for the next week. This could be something that the visitors interested in sports betting would come back for, especially when you can show a steady and positive winning history.

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