Blog or Not?

I got a BlogReviewBlog request today to review Grafixzone. This a service that collects and displays image-based links to wallpapers for Windows XP. I of course took at the page, and I realized that I have created a difficulty for myself. In one of my first post, I promised that the topic and professionalism of a blog would not be used as selection criteria.

Now, a page about wallpapers would be perfectly fine. Although it would probably attract a very select group of visitors, such a blog could write about the techniques for the creation of wallpapers for Windows, wallpapers made by famous artists, wallpapers trough the years, special wallpapers with build-in interaction possibilities (nice one here, get the whole earth on your desktop, moving and all), or about the connection between old fashioned wallpapers for on your wall and modern wallpapers for on your Windows. Heck, there is a whole world to write about concerning just this one topic, and you could probably fill quite a nice site with it.

However, the Grafixzone blog has 5 posts, all without text, filled with small pictures of screenshots of wallpapers that can be found on other webpages. Somehow, I have the impression that this is not really what is meant by the word ‘blog’. Okay, the site looks nice, especially with all the small wallpapers against the black background. But without texts and information, without opinion, without anything but pictures, I am not able to write a full fletched review on it.

On the other side, I can of course just tell you what is to be seen on the Grafixzone wallpaper blog, tell you that it looks nice, and give a bit of advice. And that’s exactly what I do/did. I hope the author of the page will not be disappointed by not getting bricks, but I think she’ll understand why.
Some free advice from BlogReviewBlog:First of all, please ad some text to your page. The wallpapers are nice, and if the only goal is to collect them and that’s it, at least offer an introduction. Furthermore, it would be nice to index the wallpapers into categories, and present these categories in the sidebar. In this way, visitors will not have to scroll down all the way. I see that there are wallpapers about nature, landscapes, animals and cars, so start there with categorizing. Well, there you go.

Anyway, keep sending in those BlogReviewBlog requests. After reading this post, it should be clear that I am still not very strict on which types of blogs I cover on this site, so feel invited!

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