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The Guitar Resource is the blog that will be discussed today on BlogReviewBlog. This very professional blog offers a high number of resources on guitars, guitar accessories, guitar music, techniques for how to play the guitar, and much more.
This website does not only offer a very complete picture when it comes to guitar related issues, it also looks nice, and offers very useful tools. All in all, this is a good example of how a niche-subject website should look like. I reward it with a total of 84 Bricks, which builds The Guitar Resources a beautiful, albeit completely virtual Memorial Pyramid (dead pharaoh not included) :-)
Looks and functionality (15 Bricks)
This site is about guitars, and that is hard to miss when you first see the page. The title of the page (The Guitar Resource), along with the illustrations of a close-up of a guitars neck, leaves no doubt as to the topic. The clean design, with easy to use menu tabs on top and a selection of categories in the sidebar ensure easy navigation. The overall design is not stunning, but functional and crisp.

Content (53 Bricks)

The content on The Guitar Resource is sublime, offering everything from information about famous guitar players up to reviews of tools that one can use while playing the thing. Written by the author himself, or sent in by one of his visitors, the texts are well written, and show the knowledge on guitar related topics by the authors.
Although the range of topics is quite wide, they are all somehow related to guitars, which makes for a very consistent blog (as in: there are no off topic posts about for example dishwashers or the odd entry on the bloggers personal live). Many posts are not encyclopedia-like, but are enriched by personal views and experiences, making the reading of the posts more interesting.
All of this makes for a very pleasant read, and the information offered is certainly valuable for a large group of users. There are quite a lot of guitar players on the web, and they will all find something useful on this page.

Extras (15 Bricks)

Another very strong point of The Guitar Resource is the number of nice add-ons that it offers. A page on guitar resources is of course extreme complete with some features that the visitor can actually use while playing on his instrument. The Tuner and the Chordfinder are both very original and easy to use tools.
The page also offers some nice methods for interaction, most notably the possibility to send in reviews of products, or stories. Another good thing is the number of I-frames though which the visitor can see guitar-concerts on YouTube.

This page can be found at The Guitar Resource

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Ross Gordon said...


Thanks for the very Kind Review. I have added you to my blogline in my links section. I also plan on addding your site to my "free stuff" blog when it is complete. (it may be a few more weeks). Thanks again, i really appreciate it!!