Show off your Bricks

So after long waiting and hoping, finally you got that impressive review on BlogReviewBlog! And of course you want to show off your Brick Rating on your blog. For this, I now offer a collection of very nice mini banners that you can place in your blog’s sidebar.

If you want a place a link when you are still in the waiting line to receive your review, you can place the “Got Bricks ?” mini banner on your site. Of course also feel free to use the "Got Bricks" mini banner if you are still working on your blog, and want to have it reviewed later on, or when you got less than 50 Bricks.

You can just click on any of these mini banners to go to their location. Then push the right mouse button ans select "download this image" or something like that to download the mini banner. When you use programs like Blogspot or WordPress, you can then easily upload the mini banner and make a link out of it to my BlogReviewBlog, or to your review. Any problems? leave a comment here.

Of course, you are only supposed to use the “I got …. Bricks” mini banner if you actually got this amount of bricks, but that seems obvious, so I won’t point it out :-)

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