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This blog, by Agnivo Roy from Kolkata, India, was the first one to request a review on Blog Review Blog. The blog offers information on Online and Offline technology offers a diverse view into new technologies. The focus lies on Internet and Online Marketing, but topics on gadgets are also covered (for example a nice item on digital photoframes or the Canon Eos 1D). The site is already quite developed, with currently over 70 entries.
Although the website obviously is there as well to promote Mr. Roy’s commercial activities, it succeeds in offering useful and well written information on ‘hot topics’
It therefore is awarded with 68 Bricks, enough for a Triumphal Arch :-).
Looks and functionality (15 Bricks)
The blog, on first glance, looks good. The author used some nice artwork in his header, the colors match, and everything is very readable. Furthermore, the website is easy to navigate on. The topics covered are visible on the top of the sidebar, so you don’t have to scroll down for this. Furthermore, the blog is blessed with a searchfunction, and a header with a menu function.
The title of the blog ‘Technology Blog and Portfolio of Student, Freelancer And Webmaster’ is not the clearest one I ever saw. Which part of the blog is the portfolio? Why is it relevant that the author is a student and a freelancer besides being a webmaster? It does not become clear right away if this blog is about the author, or about technology (reading the entries, the conclusion has to be that it is about technology).

Content (42 Bricks)
The blog offers information on a wide number of topics, all related because they look into technological developments. The total blog content is not highly original, but certainly serves the goal of informing visitors interested in technological developments. Some posts seemed a bit out of place, such as the item on the Indian cricket team (although, of course, congratulations). Another point that should be improved is the link to ‘My Sites’ that gives an error, although Mr. Roy certainly has more sites on the web.
The text of the post is of very high quality, with nice catching phrases, and good, informative content.
Another thing that this blog has going for it, is that it is frequently updated. On average, Mr. Roy updates his blog 4 times a week, sometimes even more frequently.

Extras (11)
This blog really excels in offering extra features. The ‘Downloads’ part of the blog offers 3 software packages that the visitor can download for free, including a CD ripper and Link directory templates (a bit more explaining what actually is a link directory template would not be a bad idea).
Besides the download feature, Mr. Roy also offers his (paid) services for Webmaster activities, which could be useful for some of his visitors.

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