A little bit back

Dear visitors,

I know I have been away for quite some time now.
This has a number of reasons, with which I will not bore. Suffice to say that Had to take care of many things lately. Also, I must admit, I have been working on some new projects that cost some time. For example, I have set up a website about university rankings.

I hope to return to the work on the Blog Review Blog, at least to write some reviews for blogs that requested their reviews before I went away.

So do not fall into despair, I will be back here :)


Gaby said...

TimTo ,
I keep attempting to have my "Blog" reviewed but can't find where to leave my "addy" for perusal.
I left a request once before , but YOUR BLOG said you were on vacation. would you conceder reviewing mine?
I am thinking about expanding this into a "book" IF YOU THINK IT HAS MERIT.
thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

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CresceNet said...

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Money Ideas said...

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Dina said...

Welcome back :) I'm so glad you got to write my review before leaving, and I am sure the people waiting for their reviews have missed you :)

XIA said...

Wow, this is cool stuff. The University Ranking blog is awesome. Love the color and the layout. Keep up the good work man.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sreeraj said...

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