Adios for a moment

Dear visitors, and especially dear people waiting for a review:

I am sorry (for you, not for me :-) to annouce that I will be on a holiday for a couple of weeks starting today. I will return to the blogosphere halfwway in august. Up till then, I'll be traveling the world, more specifically the Central America's.

Now, I realise that I promissed quite some people to write a reiew about their blog, and I will. It'll just have to wait till I can get back to work on it.

For now, the following blogs are squedueled for review:

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Iliana said...

Holidays is not something that you have to sorry about... That's great! (I am not going for holidays this year and I feel really bad)
Have a nice holidays and a lot of fun.
See you on August...

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly fine.

This goes to show that youre enjoying what your doing and thats great for a bigtime blogger. ;)

I hope you enjoy your vacation. Have a safe trip and see you soon.


Lady said...

Hey, you've been gone awfully long.. Hope you're alright and having a fun vacation!

Gaby said...

Hi There,
I've attempted to have my "BLOG"reviewed but have had no reply. Is my blog not up to standards? or offensive in some way ? or just "dorky"in it's content? it's an on-going auto biography from birth to the expanses of the sea .Some of it is tragic. Some of it is funny .but ALL of it is true.
Your reviews appear to be intuitive and concise. I would look forward to a review from you , and anyone else for that matter . It's an on-going blog.

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