Review: I Was The State

I was the State is a superb blog by a state attorney in Texas. I, luckily, never had anything to do with state attorneys, let alone in Texas, so it was very interesting to read the entries. And you know what turned out? State attorneys can be cool guys as well! Besides, they can (and do) write very interesting blogs! The internet is such a great thing!

But okay, before I allow myself to be carried away, first the review.

As said, the content is strongly interesting and surprisingly honest and open. The design is crisp and clean, which fits the topic. Not many extra features are used, but never mind, this is a jewel. The combined clean design, very high quality content and the blog’s originality make for a grand total of 80 Bricks awarded. A first in the short history of BlogReviewBlog, this blog receives a virtual Pyramid for high quality :-)

Looks and functionality (15 Bricks)
I was the State uses a very functional and clear structure, without distractions, and without screaming. So to speak, this is a very design-relaxed blog. The side bar contains all the information the visitor might need, and all the posts in the blog are reachable with one click. Although a bit more personalized design wouldn’t be bad, the only real critical point I can give is the location of the Google Video frame, which breaks the clean design of the page.

Content (55 Bricks)
Mr. Guest, the author of this blog, writes all of the posts himself, and he writes them well. Posts about his views on legalizing marihuana, illegal immigrants (a hot topic in Texas I reccon) and a procedure called HB 1178 are highly interesting and informative. (Okay, I admit it, I had no idea what this procedure was, but at least now I do).
The posts Mr. Guest writes really take you into the context, and he takes his time to work out the topic. The different posts are all based in his legal point of view, and combined with his personal opinions, quite a nice mixture all in all. Thus, there is a strong consistency in the blog’s posts.
The blog was started just a month ago, with a story about bureaucracy in Rome, Italy (yes, there is a legal connection with the rest of the blog there). At the moment of me writing this, already 24 well written and in depth posts are present, from which the conclusion can be made that the blog knows a high update frequency.

Extras (9 Bricks)
The I was the State blog does not offer a lot of extra features, and that’s a good thing in this case. Besides a Google Video frame with videos on legal and political topics, the blog is kept clean and open. A number of links are offered to noteworthy websites, which is a nice add-on.

Use this link to visit I Was The Sate

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Thanks for the review.

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